Adult Ministries

Care and Share

Care and Share

Care and Share: an in-reach ministry where members of St. Paul’s respond to the immediate short-term needs of members within our parish. When you or your family is in need, remember Care and Share for:

  • Meals
  • A friendly visit or phone call
  • Transportation to church or to see doctors
  • Help with errands or grocery shopping
  • Help with housework or yard work
  • Help with paperwork
  • Emergency Child care
  • Help with funeral receptions
  • Prayer, or a Visiting Eucharistic Minister

If you would like to volunteer to help with Care and Share, please complete the following form:

Fields marked with an * are required

What are your preferred ways you share your time and talents? Check all that apply.

My availability:

Or fill in this paper form and send or bring to the office: Care and Share Volunteer Form (fillable PDF).

Ministry leader: Margie Best, 919-303-3830,

If you would like to see some potential recipes for Care and Share receivers, click here: Care and Share Recipes.

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour

St. Paul’s offers a Sunday Coffee Hour, between the 9:00 and 11:15 AM Worship Services. Coffee, juice, and snacks are served in the Parish Hall. During the summer (between the 9:00 and 10:45 services) and on other occasions, Coffee Hour is held outside in front of the worship space (and usually lemonade is served instead of coffee). St. Paul’s many ministries take turns hosting.

To host a Coffee Hour:

Guidelines for selling tickets or items during coffee hour.

Contact: Lanny Wase,

Coffee Hour Schedule

Refreshments: July and August, 2018

July 1: Prayer Stitchers
July 8: No Refreshments
July 15: Men’s Group
July 22: Memorial Garden
July 29: No Refreshments

August 5: No Refreshments
August 13: Care and Share
August 19: Parish Update in Sanctuary
August 26: End of Summer Mini Fair

2018 Fall Coffee Hour Schedule

September 2: No Coffee Hour
September 9: Newcomer Ministry
September 16: 60th Anniversary/Capital Campaign Kickoff
September 23: Senior Ministry/Communications Committee
September 30: Eucharistic Ministers

October 7: Youth Ministry
October 14: No Coffee Hour
October 21: Arts and Crafts Festival
October 28: Memorial Garden

November 4: Annual Parish Meeting
November 11: Veterans and Military Outreach
November 18: St. Nicholas Ministry
November 25: Children’s Ministries

December 2: Men’s Group
December 9: Dorcas Ministry
December 16: Children’s and Fellowship
December 23: _____
December 30: No Coffee Hour

Communications Committee

Communications Committee

This group oversees and helps to coordinate information sources for the parish, including:

Contact: Gordon Werner,

Cycling (Holy Rouleurs)

Cycling (Holy Rouleurs)

The Holy Rouleurs, St. Paul’s bike riding group, includes road bikers, mountain bikers, and recreational riders.

The Recreational Riders have ridden occasionally at the American Tobacco Trail (ATT) and the Neuse River Trail. This group is comprised of riders of all ages and abilities.

St. Paul’s mountain bikers have met at Umstead Park and Lake Crabtree. We have ridden after work on Wednesdays at Umstead Park if the weather is good.

St. Paul’s road bikers periodically go on Saturday or Sunday morning rides (before attending church, of course!). The roadies also have taken part in a number of charity and organized rides, such as the MS150, 4th of July Firecracker Metric, and the Assault on Mount Mitchell.

If you are a current cyclist or would like to see if cycling is your thing, please contact Dan Loughlin ( and indicate which of the three types of riding interests you. We can get you on the email list so you can participate when you want. Please join us for fun and fellowship.

Q. Why the funny spelling of Rouleur?

A. “Rouleur” is French for “roller”, but it also has positive connotations in the cycling racing world. A rouleur is a very skilled member of the team, often able to win bike races on a good day. But instead of being the star, a Rouleur puts his or her own success behind that of the team, sacrificing for the team leader.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT STEERING COMMITTEE: Functions as an oversight committee that supports and coordinates those parish activities that are designed to improve and add to the facilities and grounds of the parish. Additionally, the committee prioritizes building and grounds projects and manages an annual budget that supports the entire facilities maintenance and capital improvements projects.

AUDIO VISUAL STRATEGY AND SUPPORT COMMITTEE: Maintains a strategic vision and technical support to ensure the audio and video needs of the parish are met. Responsibilities of this ministry include long-range planning, design, and installation, as well as ongoing operational support.

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Responsible for upkeep and maintenance of facilities.

FURNISHING, FIXTURES AND FINISHES COMMITTEE: Facilitates provision of a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for parishioners, staff and visitors of St. Paul’s, by selecting and/or approving the interior furnishings, fixtures and finishes for buildings on the St. Paul’s campus.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE: Maintains a strategic vision and a tactical support structure to ensure the information technology needs of the Church are met in a practical, sustainable, and cost efficient manner. In addition, this committee provides equipment setup and operational support as needed.

LAWN CARE COMMITTEE: Responsible for mowing the grass at St. Paul’s.

Fellowship Events Team

Fellowship Events Team

The Fellowship Events Team of St. Paul’s gets to host great events that provide fellowship opportunities for all. Get together with old friends or meet new ones. Either way, you will enjoy your time with us!

The Fellowship Events Team is always looking for new and exciting monthly themes for our events. We welcome your enthusiasm and ideas!

Contact: Toni Holderied,

Information Technology (IT) Committee

Information Technology (IT) Committee

The IT Committee maintains a strategic vision and a tactical support structure to ensure the information technology needs of the Church are met in a practical, sustainable, and cost efficient manner. In addition, this committee provides equipment setup and operational support as needed.

Contact: Heather Gates,

Library Committee

Library Committee

St. Paul’s Parish Library is located in the Education Wing. Go to the end of the main hall, and turn right (see map below). The Library is on the right. The library space is often used for meetings.

The Library Team has categorized and listed all of its books. The lists are online and are linked below.

Nonfiction and Reference: Over 1,000 Non-Fiction and Reference books (PDF)

Fiction: Fiction books (PDF)

NOTE: Children’s books have been given to St. Paul’s Children’s Ministry.
Book Donation Policy: The church is happy to accept book donations. We will add books to the collection if they are current, relevant and in good condition. If the donated books are duplicates or if we can’t use them we can return them if we are instructed to do so. Otherwise they will be recycled elsewhere.

Library Hours: There are no set library hours, and generally the library is unlocked when the education building is unlocked. If the library is locked, please get a key from the church office (Monday – Friday). Keep in mind that the library is used by other groups, especially during preschool and church school hours.

Check Out and Return of Books: Each book has a check out card in the back. Please fill in the date borrowed, your name and your phone number. Once the card is completed there is a metal card holder for you to place it in. There is no specific date due but we would expect books to be returned within a month.

On the same shelf as the check out card holder is a cardboard box. Please place all returned books in that book and the library committee with put the card back in the book and return the book to the shelves.

Contacts: Anne Babb, or Sue Harrison

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

This ministry plans to recruit, arrange, and support “wellness/wholeness” offerings for parishioners and the surrounding community.  These will include spiritual, physical, mental, financial, work-life balance programs.  The offerings could be led by parishioners or by others recruited from outside of the parish.  Many of their programs will be held at the Bishop Curry Center.

Contact: Dan Loughlin,

Lobster Fest

Lobster Fest

Lobster Fest is an annual event, usually held on the first Saturday in October. Fresh lobsters and lobster meat are trucked in directly from Maine. Volunteers then prepare and sell lobster meals, “lobsta rolls,” cooked and fresh lobsters, and chicken meals for non-lobster eaters. Lobster fest is St. Paul’s biggest annual fundraising event and generates money for outreach events, youth mission trips, and church improvement projects.

To order your lobsters, go to

Contact: Ted Straub,

Memorial Garden Committee

Memorial Garden Committee

MEMORIAL GARDEN: This committee maintains and manages the Memorial Garden, which is a place for the interment of ashes in simple dignity and in surroundings that proclaim our resurrection faith.

Click here for the Memorial Garden Page

Contact: Jackie Straub,

Men's Beach Week

Men’s Beach Week

Mike-#5 - Fishing 1

Men’s Beach Week is held annually in an oceanfront house at Emerald Isle, NC. It is a time for the St. Paul’s adult males to get together and relax, lie around on the beach, do some fishing, clamming, kayaking, eat a lot of good food, and have some fellowship with one another.

2017 Men’s Beach Week: Sunday April 23 through Sunday April 30, 2017.  Click HERE for 2017 registration form.

Contact: Men’s Group President Fill Bowen, 919-215-4543,

Pictures of Men’s Beach Week 2014

Pictures of Men’s Beach Week 2013

Men's Group

Men’s Group

St. Paul’s Men’s Group fosters fellowship for St. Paul’s adult males to better accomplish various service projects as a group or as individual members of the church.

For more information about Men’s Group, please contact Jeff Kager, 919-417-2179,

2017 Activities:

  • Tuesday February 28, 2017: Pancake Supper
  • Men’s Group Annual Meeting
  • Men’s Group hosts Coffee Hour
  • Sunday January 29, 2017: Men’s Group participates in the Mini-Ministry Fair
  • Sunday April 23 through Sunday April 30, 2017: Men’s Beach Week
  • Parish Picnic
  • Summer Get-Together: August 27, 2017
  • Saturday October 7, 2017: Lobster Fest

Men’s Group also schedules:
Work days
Lawn mowing (2-man teams mow throughout the grass-growing season)
Men’s Group planning meetings

MOMS (Ministry of Mothers Sharing)

Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MOMS)

moms-logoMOMS is a seven-week series for women who would like to devote time to their spiritual development. Caught in the busy, hectic period of raising children and nurturing the family, women often do not pause to care for themselves and their spirituality. This peer-led ministry offers mothers with children of all ages a place to share the stresses, concerns, and positive experiences that influence spiritual growth. St. Paul’s offers at least one series of MOMS each year, as well as a session of MOMS TNT (for moms of Teens and ‘Tweens.)   The series may be weekday mornings or evening hours, according to demand.   Child care is provided!  The cost of the course is $30 ($35 for MOMS TNT), which includes a copy of MOMS: A Personal Journal, by Paula Hagen and Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett.

Past participants have described MOMS as a unique experience, a place to discover the depth of their spirituality, often buried beneath life’s daily worries.  This course is open to St. Paul’s members and friends.  Everyone is encouraged to share in this journey, so bring a friend or a neighbor with you. Announcements will be made in St. Paul’s media of upcoming MOMS offerings.  Join us for our next series!

MOMS Course Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course meet?
The group meets for 2 hours each week for 7 consecutive weeks.  The final meeting is a dinner celebration of current and past MOMS gathered  together.

Is childcare provided?
Childcare is provided at no additional cost. We would like every woman to have the same care-free 2 hours each week.

Is there a cost for taking the course?
A fee of $30 per person (or $35 for MOMS TNT) covers the cost of course materials. There is an additional cost (approximately $20) for the catered Celebration Dinner, which is during week seven.

Do I have to belong to St. Paul’s Church?
No; in fact, we encourage women who are searching for a church home or for a spiritual direction to take the course. There is no requirement for Bible study or for knowing about the Episcopal Church. This course is simply for women who thirst for a few minutes to think about where they are going in life and what they might need for the journey.

How many women take the course?
An ideal number is 8-10 women, plus 2 or 3 facilitators who have already taken the course. We have had approximately 100 women participate over the past 15 years.

The comment we hear most often from women who participate in this course is that they did not realize how much they were missing having a deeper connection with other women.

Contacts: Rachel Campbell,,  Ann Lockhart,, or call the church at 919-467-1477.

Mystery Book Group

Mystery Book Group

The Mystery Book Group is a group of book lovers who gather every 1st Tuesday at IHOP, 1301 Kildaire Farm Rd. Cary, at 7:00 PM.  The phone number of IHOP is (919) 469-1835.  All are welcome.  Contact: Sarah Collins at, 919-757-2086.

Newcomer Ministry

Newcomer Ministry

The Newcomer Ministry welcomes your participation. Activities of the Newcomer Ministry are listed below.
Newcomer Ministry Contact: Frank and Anne Laney,

Bread Ministry
The Bread Ministry bakes and delivers bread to visitors who attend Saint Paul’s each week. Bakers are responsible for baking and delivering two loaves of bread to the church on one assigned Sunday each quarter. The drivers are also assigned specific Sunday’s each quarter and they are responsible for retrieving the list of visitors on Sunday and delivering bread to those homes on Sunday afternoon. Each of these jobs requires only a small time commitment and this is a great way to welcome newcomers. Do you remember how welcome that loaf of bread made you feel after your first visit to St. Paul’s? Would you like to share that joy with someone new to the parish or visiting for the first time? Can you take, just one loaf to just one visitor on your way home from church on Sunday? It is so easy and it means so much!
Bread Ministry Contact: Sally Moller, 919-367-0844

Welcome to St. Paul’s! Each Sunday greeters arrive a few minutes before the 9:00 and 11:15 AM services in order to welcome visitors to the service. They answer questions, invite visitors to coffee hour, introduce visitors to the clergy, and provide visitors with information about Saint Paul’s.

Visitor Calling Committee
The calling committee helps us to keep in touch with those who visit our church. They follow up with visitors by phone to answer questions and provide information about Saint Paul’s. Members of this committee are assigned one Sunday every two months. During the week following their assigned Sunday, they are responsible for picking up the list of visitors from the previous Sunday, calling the visitors, and returning information to the church office.

Photo Ministry


St. Paul’s Photo Ministry photographs various church and ministry events. Many of our photos are displayed on St. Paul’s web page and on St. Paul’s photo archive, hosted by smugmug: Photos can be downloaded for free from the archive. Events that we photograph regularly include the Christmas Pageant, the Blessing of the Animals, and the Talent Show. We have also photographed various outreach ministries, such as Stop Hunger Now and the ASP send-off, as well as special music events.

If you would like to submit a request that your ministry’s event be photographed, you can email Also, please email if you are a photography hobbyist and are interested in being part of the Photo Ministry team.

To see a collection of St. Paul’s photos, click this link:

Contact: Dan Loughlin,

Prayer Stitchers

Prayer Stitchers

cap-scarf-mittens-200PRAYER STITCHERS is a prayerful, inclusive handwork ministry. We meet in the Youth Wing every Wednesday at 10:30 AM and every Thursday at 7:00 PM.

If you enjoy knitting, crocheting, weaving, quilting or any other craft that can be used to make items to provide comfort and warmth to persons in need, join us. Children, young people and adults, all are welcome! Come to our meetings and bring a friend for prayer and fellowship as we make items for persons in need.

If you would like to learn how to knit or crochet, we can help you. Our membership includes skilled knitters and crocheters who are eager to teach these wonderful crafts. We have yarn, needles and hooks to get you started if you don’t have your own.

You choose the item(s) you wish to make and the need or charity to which your items will be donated. Examples of items some of our members make are: caps, mittens and scarves for homeless persons, baby caps, caps for children with cancer, and prayer shawls, lap robes and prayer pockets for parishioners and others in need of comfort, encouragement and prayer.

If you would like to make items for persons in need but can’t attend meetings, contact us and ask to be put on our e-mail list so you can receive information about Prayer Stitchers needs and current projects. We can also help with distribution of items.

We welcome donations. If you have leftover or unused yarn which needs a new home, we can use it. Bring it to a meeting or contact Beth or Marilyn to arrange for us to get it from you.

Monetary donations are also welcome. Checks may be written to St. Paul’s Episcopal church with “Prayer Stitchers” in the memo line.

Contact: Beth Barnes, 919-380-7214, or Marilyn Mitchell, 919-854-1887,

Pulse Ministry

Pulse Ministry

Taking the PULSE of St. Paul’s – Information Gathering!

It’s so easy to do. Just make a call and mostly listen. Ask only 2 simple questions and jot down the responses. The clergy has noted the value of this listening to our parishioners during the annual meeting. It really helps the clergy to detect trends and make positive adjustments for our wonderful community.

This is an awesome opportunity for those who want to be involved with St Paul’s, but find formal meetings a challenge. This is an excellent volunteer-from-home ministry!

It only takes approximately 2-3 hours each quarter! That’s all!

Please join us, as we help keep St Paul’s on its successful path. It is so worthwhile … PULSE needs callers like you!

One of St. Paul’s goals is to contact parishioners to see how things are going and to gather feedback about their experience at St. Paul’s. We take the information we receive and use it to enhance what we’re doing well and if necessary, make changes that can more effectively meet the needs of our parishioners.

Members of the PULSE Team call a portion of the parish family the first 3 quarters.

Contact: Elaine Hunt, Chair, 919-851-3333,

Rainbow Gathering

Rainbow Gathering

The mission of the Rainbow Gathering ministry is to provide a supportive community and an inclusive gathering place for individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, our allies, families and friends. The intention is to be a community that promotes St. Paul’s as a welcoming church in the spirit of the message “All are Welcome”

We invite you to join us for fellowship, support, fun, laughter, reflection, food, information, resources and an opportunity for spiritual growth and development.

Contact: Andrea Johnson at 919-348-9599

Resilience Ministry

Resilience Ministry

This ministry offers resources for individuals, families and communities to understand and then prevent or respond to the long term effects of childhood adversity.

Howard Loughlin, , 919-234-1356
Melissa Ockert, , 919-225-9522
Jackie Straub, , 919-460-6628

Senior Ministry

Senior Ministry

This ministry offers social and educational activities for anyone of age to be eligible for AARP and for children of older parents.

Mission: Provide opportunities through social and educational programs to meet the needs and enhance the quality of life for adults age 50 and over.

Contact: Kurt and Katie Robinson, 919-247-3979,

Senior Ministry Plans for 2018:
The mission of St. Paul’s Senior Ministry is to provide opportunities through social and educational programs to meet the needs and enhance the quality of life for adults ages 50 and older. Our events are always open to others, particularly the “sandwich generation” who may be interested in many of the same events. And our committee is always open to new members!

Events occur every other month, alternating social and educational events. The tentative schedule of 2018 events will begin with a visit to the Cary Theater in January. This will be followed by a presentation on Advance Directives, an NCSU Arboretum tour, a theater visit for a drama production, hints on de-cluttering and downsizing, and, hopefully, a tour of the new Mosque being built for our Muslim friends. The monthly first-Wednesday breakfast will continue, so plan to join us from 9-10 at iHop. Please watch future St. Paul’s communications for details on these events.

The photo below was taken at a Senior Ministry event at the Raulston Arboretum on May 17, 2018.

For photos of the Historic Raleigh Trolley Tour on Sep 23, 2017, click HERE.

For a recap of the Advance Directives presentation given on Feb 20, 2016, click HERE.

Treasure Keepers Scrapbooking

Treasure Keepers

Interested in scrapbooking? Need time and space to work on cards or other crafts? Click here:, join the group, and receive meeting notifications. You can RSVP online, see who else is attending, and leave comments.  Check the website for dates, meeting times, and place.  Bring a friend!

Contact: Belindalea Barnhart,

Veterans and Military Outreach (VMO)

Veterans and Military Outreach (VMO)

Veterans and Military Outreach (VMO), beside being an outreach ministry, is also an inreach ministry, devoted to honoring and supporting parishioners who are military or veterans.  Click HERE for more on VMO.

Visiting Eucharistic Ministers

Visiting Eucharistic Ministers

VISITING EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: Assist the clergy by administering communion to our homebound or hospitalized members.

Contact: The Rev. Candy Snively,

Women's Beach Week

Women’s Beach Week

St. Paul’s Women’s Beach Week is an annual event, in the spring of each year, and is open to St. Paul’s women 18 years or older. Come for a few nights, or stay all week! This is a great way to meet new people, catch up with friends, relax and have fun.

Women’s Beach Week dates for 2018 will be April 29 –  May 6

  • Cost is 40$ a night
  • Sign up poster is up in the Narthex

Any questions, call or text  Yvon Daniel  @ 919-747-1199  or email  @

Oh, no man would ever understand
Exactly why I have to hit the sand
Hanging out with 50 of my friends
At Women’s Beach Weekend!