Theological Reflection: The Rev. George Adamik

Each of the nominees for the XII Bishop Diocesan of North Carolina submitted a theological reflection answering the question: With which biblical character do you most identify and why?  For The Rev. George Adamik’s theological reflection, click HERE.  For the home page of the search for the XII Bishop of North Carolina click HERE.

Town Hall Conversation with George Adamik

The Rev. George Adamik is interviewed in an hour-long video as part of a series of town hall webinars during which each candidate for Bishop of the Diocese of NC answered questions submitted by the people of the Diocese. Click HERE for the videos.  For more on the search for the XII Bishop of NC click HERE.

2017 Pledges Needed

2017 pledges are still welcome!  If you forgot to pledge, it is not too late, and your pledge is needed! Pledge cards are available in the Narthex and may be returned in the offertory plates or to Christine Ingram in the church office. Or click the link below and pledge online. Please consider sharing your gifts to help St. Paul’s support its many ministries and goals in 2017.