New Refugee Family

St. Paul’s Refuge for Refugees (R4R) Ministry welcomed a new refugee family of six on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. The family has fled from Ethiopia and consists of a widow and her five young-adult children. Continue reading for more.Continue reading

Dorcas Ministries News

Sep 22, 2018:  Dorcas Ministries provides crisis relief to area residents who seek stability and self-sufficiency through food and financial assistance, scholarships, training programs, referrals and an affordable thrift shop. Continue Reading for more.Continue reading

Vets to Vets Service Dog Graduation (Oct 7, 2018)

VMO (Veterans and Military Outreach) is pleased to announce the first Annual Veteran’s and Service Animal Initiative. We have been cordially invited to attend the Vets to Vets United, Service Dog Team Graduation on Sunday, Oct 7, 2018. Continue reading for more.Continue reading