Tags on St. Nicholas Tree Still Available (2015)

Tags are still available on the St. Nicholas Tree (see picture taken Nov 25, 2015). Each tag represents a child who will have a merry Christmas due to your generosity.  Please take a tag and shop for one of these children, who is served by a local agency. Gifts will be received by St. Nicholas himself on Sunday, December 6, 2015. Cash donations are also welcome. Please bring or mail checks, made out to St. Paul’s with “St. Nicholas” in the memo line, to the church. Read more.

Prayer for the Paris and Muslim Communities

Compassionate and life-giving God, we are horrified at the violence in Paris.  Hold back the hands that kill and maim; turn around the hearts that hate.  Grant instead your strong Spirit of Peace – peace that passes our understanding but changes lives.  May Bishop Pierre Whalen, and all our brothers and sisters in the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, know and feel your presence among them.

We join in prayer today with our Muslim brothers and sisters, particularly our friends at the Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies here in Cary, who have condemned the actions in Paris and called on faith communities to join In prayer that we all may continue forward in the ways of God’s justice, love, and peace.  We pray this through Jesus Christ, your son and our Lord.  Amen.

Prayer composed by The Rev.  George Adamik

St Nicholas is Coming to St. Paul’s (Dec 6, 2015)

The St. Nicholas Advent tree (2015) is up and is decorated with over 400 tags identifying needy children served by local agencies that support seasonal farmworker families, orphans and vulnerable children, homeless families, families of recovering addicts, and families in need of reasonable housing. Please take one or more of the tags from the tree. Continue Reading belowContinue reading