Here are resources that are helpful to staff and parishioners, including:

  • Newsletter – links to St. Paul’s Letter (PDF version of hardcopy newsletter) and associated calendar
  • Ministry Resources – detailed information for ministries and ministry leaders
  • Calendars – several calendars for various aspects of life at St. Paul’s
  • Photos – links to galleries including thousands of photos of special moments at St. Paul’s
  • Policies & Forms – detailed information on internal St. Paul’s policies, forms, and related information
  • Room Reservations – includes an online form to reserve a room for meetings, etc. and a calendar showing what rooms have already been reserved
  • Communications Request – a form that you can fill out and submit that allows you to write an announcement or other article that you wish to be published in St. Paul’s media (newsletter, website, etc.).
  • Church Logos – Episcopal Church and St. Paul’s Logos for use in various communications and promotional materials. The link downloads a .ZIP File containing 31 logos in .PNG format. Extract the file(s) and open and save with your desired graphics app.

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