Mission Statement

Acknowledging that all gifts come from God, the mission of St. Paul’s Church is to know Christ and to make Christ known.

Identity Statement

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Cary is home to an active, caring, and diverse congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. Through worship, spiritual development, fellowship, and service we continue to grow together in faith. We strive to be Christ’s welcoming, reconciling and transforming presence in the world through our many and varied ministries.

Five Year Vision Statement (2012)

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Cary aspires to be a caring faith community where all are welcome. We value a vibrant celebration of the Eucharist that engages our congregants through words and song. We support the spiritual and moral development of our children and youth through programs that fully integrate them into the life of our church. We encourage the generous spirit that moves our members to reach out directly to those in need in our community. We will continue our faith journey together in fellowship, providing our members spiritual education to enhance their worship experience, while managing our resources responsibly.

View the full St. Paul’s Vision Statement, 2012 (PDF file)