Pastoral Care at St. Paul’s is demonstrated in many ways.

  • Clergy are available for home and hospital visits upon request.
  • Those on our parish prayer list, which appears in the bulletin each week, are included in our prayers at Sunday services.
  • There is an after-hours emergency phone forwarding which allows you to reach a priest any time the office is not open.
  • Our Care and Share program is organized to provide short term assistance to members of St. Paul’s who are in need. These services include, but are not limited to, meals, transportation, visitation, odd jobs.

Please let us know if there are ways in which we can assist you.

To add a name to – or remove a name from – the prayer list, please e-mail

To contact a priest, call the church office at 919-467-1477 or contact a priest listed on the Clergy page

To contact the Care and Share Ministry to have food delivered in a time of crisis, contact one of our parish priests at 919-467-1477 or ministry leader Margie Best, 919-303-3830,