The latest updates and resources for the St. Paul’s community during the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic


  • Parish Meeting (Jan 31, 2021)
    Please join us for a Zoom Parish Meeting on Sunday, January 31, at 10:15 a.m.  […]
  • Fr. George’s Weekly Video
    Each week, George Adamik provides us with a brief video with an update from St. […]
  • Youth News
    Click Continue reading for Zack’s weekly email to the EYC community at St. Paul’s.
  • Children’s Ministries Update
    Click Continue reading for Natalie’s weekly email “St. Paul’s Children’s Ministries Resources & Update.”
  • Help Control the Spread of COVID-19
    The state of North Carolina, working with Apple and Google, has created a phone app to help slow the spread of the virus, and we are encouraging all members of our community to install and enable it, for your own safety as well as the safety of those around you.
  • Weekly Update Jan 22, 2021: A Letter from the Rector
    Dear Friends,  This week I would like to share information with you about Food Security, […]
  • Knowing Ourselves (Kindly)
    This week in the Hope for the Journey series, Fr. Javier reflects on the nature of God’s love: “When it comes to telling the truth about ourselves, we would prefer to edit the footnotes and clean up the margins… We call this a kindness: at its best, it is an attempt to see ourselves and others in the best possible light. But to do so leaves something to be desired. We cannot really love that which we do not also aim to know.”
  • Racial Equity Institute Workshop — Groundwater Approach (Feb 6, 2021)
    Members of St. Paul’s are invited to participate in the Racial Equity Institute’s Groundwater training on Saturday, February 6 from 9 a.m. to noon.

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Looking Ahead: Next Steps for Gathering Together at St. Paul’s (Update)


“The Rt. Rev. Rob Wright, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, recently said: ‘The church cannot be cancelled, the church can only adapt! Press on, take care of one another, take care of yourself. God is trustworthy!’ Let this remind us all that we are the Church. While we will not be gathering face-to-face for the weeks ahead, church will continue because we are the Body of Christ, even when we are apart.” (Fr. George’s update to the parish)