A few notes before you order:

Dorcas Donation: We’ve teamed up with our friends at Pepsi to offer free Pepsi products to folks who either make a donation on-line, or bring in canned / dry food or cash donation the day of Lobster Fest.

Help us advertise: Please help us out by letting your local friends (and your enemies) know about this event through word of mouth and social media. If you have a business and would be willing to put a flyer in your window, please download one here. Thanks!

OUCH!! We just received notification from our supplier in Maine that the catch is down, costs are up, and the amount we planned to pay per lobster has been increased.  We’ll still be in the black, but it’s a big hit to our fundraising plans.  We don’t feel it’s fair to increase our prices from what we’ve advertised, so the prices below are unchanged.  However, if you wish to help us with this “hit”, we’ve set up a special donation button below, and all $$ received will go to our Youth and Outreach plans.  Totally optional, and thank you.

Ingredients: Want to know what’s in the food? Click Here.

We accept credit cards! Please note that PayPal is our secure payment processor, whether you have a PayPal account or want to use a credit card. Please click on “Pay with PayPal” at the bottom of the checkout form and you will be able to enter a credit card directly. You do NOT have to create a PayPal account.

Having trouble placing your order? Click Here to view a video that walks you through the whole process, start to end.

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