For the current information on St. Paul’s COVID-19 protocols go to St. Paul’s website page Looking Ahead: Next Steps for Gathering Together . Also, the SignUp Genius has some good information on what to expect during a worship service – .

Usher duties include:

  1. Usher(s) should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the service.
    • Usher(s) must observe the current COVID protocols, including sign in before the service and the health questionnaire is no longer required.
  2. Prop the front doors and doors into the church seating area open. Leave the doors open during the service.
  3. Greeting and checking each attendee against the SignUp Genius list.
    • We no longer have a limit on the number of parishioners at each service. 
    • Be sure the date and time of the service is on the SignUp Genius list.
    • Using SignUp Genius prior to the service is now optional, (
    • Two ushers will check to if parishioners have signed up for the service and will not need to ask their COVID status. If not signed up using Signup Genius then the person(s) will need to sign the book in the narthex, both sign in and sign out.
    • The third usher will answer questions and be sure parishioners follow current COVID protocols. Also, will count parishioners that are attending the service.
    • The copy of the SignUp Genius with notes by their names needs to be put in the sign-in/out notebook. Please be sure the date is on the sheet.
    • Late arrivals (after the clergy have gather at the font) will be held in the narthex until the priests have processed, then seated.
    • Do a count in record in the ushers’ notebook.
  4. Remind everyone:
    • Everyone will be required to wear a mask that has not been vaccinated and at the 10 AM service, because of singing. At the 7:30 AM service masks are optional if the visitor is fully vaccinated.
    • Making sure that all are seated 6 feet apart.
    • At least 3 feet from the inside isle.
  5. No offering and ushers will not be guiding attendees to the front during communion. 
  6. After the service remind attendees to gather outside, not in the narthex
  7. The ushers will be responsible for any offerings received at the service.
    • 7/8/2021 Change – Usher will place what is in the offering plate locked bags.
    • The usher will wipe out (disinfect) the offering plate after they put the offering the envelope.
    • 7/7/2021 Change – Use the big safe in the room to the left of the alter.
  8. Items the ushers need to disinfect include any item that was touched such as door knobs and the ‘dirty’ pens at the desk. The disinfectant and paper towels are on the counter top next to the wall in the Narthex. Just a FYI, Candy disinfects the altar rail and other areas on the altar that have been touched.
  9. Remember to sign out.
  10. No lock up is necessary.


  • 5/26/2021 Changes
    • You will no longer be required to fill out a Covid-19 Questionnaire to enter the church building. On Sundays, we will continue to require a simple registration via Sign Up Genius for contact-tracing purposes. If you visit the building at other times, you will still be required to sign the entrance log as well. Please remember that church grounds remain off-limits to everyone but staff and preschool families during preschool hours. (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)
    • Masking and physical-distancing measures continue to be in effect indoors. As a reminder, only the preacher and lector may remove their masks during the service while attending to their speaking roles. Congregational singing may take place with masks on.
    • So Ushers will no longer need to ask folks whether there have been any changes since completing the questionnaire since there will be no questionnaire to complete. BUT ushers will still need to check people in who registered on sign-up genius and assure if anyone arrives who has not registered on sign up genius that they sign the book in the narthex. This is for tracing purposes.
  • How to handle person(s) that have signed up on the website using SignUp Genius.
    • Sign the book in the nathex
  • Why do we leave the sanctuary and main entrance doors open during the service?
    • We are leaving the sanctuary and main entrance doors open for ventilation purposes.
  • Where the guidelines state that individuals should sit 6 feet apart, that distancing is for individuals who are not living in the same household, correct?
    • Households can sit together without distancing between them. But they as a group and all others need to be 6 ft apart.
  • Sign in and out book in the Narthex entrance and COVID questionnaire.
    • Ushers do need to sign in the book in the Narthex entrance. 
  • What to do with SUG copy of attendees?
    • The SUG copy of attendees with your notes by their names, needs to be put in the sign-in/out notebook on the table as enter the church. The SUG copy is our contact tracing source.
  • Why sit 3 feet from the aisle?
    • Do request attendees to sit 3 ft from the aisle to protect our clergy.
  • Why have a person(s) arriving late wait?
    • If someone is late arriving, please ask that they wait to enter the Sanctuary until the clergy has processed in. Please add that this is for safety reasons to protect the clergy.  This is not to make someone feel badly about being late.
  • How is the offering handled?
    • The ushers will be responsible for any offerings received at the service.
    • Change 7/8/2021 – Ushers will place what is in the offering plate in the locked bags.
  • What You Can Expect (check the SignUp Genius for the most current information – )