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Below you will find information about our Adult Formation Ministries. We use the word “formation” to name the fact that what we do when we engage our Christian faith isn’t simply an intellectual exercise, but a daily practice—one that takes place over a lifetime. We are formed into whom we are called to be as we study, pray, and live out our faith together.

Please refer to the home page for additional offerings and activities, including, for example, Wednesday evening book studies and our monthly Movie Night. We also host weekday Morning Prayer services via Facebook Live. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me directly.

The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
Associate Rector
919-467-1477, ext. 12

🗓 Winter Series: Discovering a Practice of Prayer (January 2021)

On Sundays in January and February, join St. Paul’s clergy for our winter series on prayer practices in the Christian tradition. There is no one tried-and-true way to pray, of course, but that doesn’t mean that developing a practice of prayer is easy. How has prayer been a part of your life? Where has it proved difficult? What avenues to prayer have you yet to explore that might enrich your spiritual journey? Each Sunday, we will explore a different practice of prayer, loosely based on the book by the Rev. Rhonda Lee, Ph.D, Seek and You Will Find: Discovering a Practice of Prayer. We will also hear from the author herself! 

Feel free to join us in-person at 10:20 a.m. on Sundays in the sanctuary or online by signing up here.

St. Paul’s continues to observe all local and diocesan pandemic guidelines. For more information, check out https://www.stpaulscary.org/looking-ahead.

January 9, 2022
The Holy Eucharist
The Rev. George Adamik

January 16, 2022
The Daily Office
The Rev. George Adamik

January 23, 2022
Lectio Divina
The Rev. Javier Almendarez-Bautista

January 30, 2022
Break — Parish Meeting

February 6, 2022
Praying the Psalms
The Rev. Alice Graham Grant

February 13, 2022
The Lord’s Prayer
The Rev. Javier Almendarez-Bautista

February 20, 2022
Seek and You Will Find: A Conversation with Rhonda Mawhood Lee
The Rev. Javier Almendarez-Bautista & the Rev. Rhonda Mawhood Lee, Ph.D.

February 27, 2022
Spiritual Direction
The Rev. George Adamik

Adult Formation Newsletter




Past Sunday Forum Series

🗓 Advent Series: Longing and Expectation in the Gospel of Luke (December 2021)

This Advent, join St. Paul’s as we venture into the Gospel of Luke. On Sundays in the sanctuary from 10:20-11:00 a.m., Fr. George and Fr. Javier will explore the messianic expectations surrounding Jesus’ birth. Found in the first two chapters of the Gospel of Luke, the Songs of Simeon, Zechariah, and Mary provide a vision for the world made new — a vision full of joy, justice, and hope that is no less relevant today. 

Join us in-person or via Zoom by signing up here. Masking is required for all indoors at St. Paul’s, and all gatherings will take place in accordance with existing local and diocesan pandemic guidelines. Please refer to the Looking Ahead page on our website for more information.

Date Topic Presenter
12/5/21 The Song of Simeon The Rev. George Adamik
12/12/21 The Song of Zechariah The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
12/19/21 The Song of Mary The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista

🗓 All Are Welcome: Belonging in the Christian Community (Fall 2021)

On Sundays this Fall (10:15–11:00 a.m.) in the sanctuary, join us for conversations about what it means for us to be members of the Beloved Community.

Think of it as a 101 course about the church universal—what it means for us to belong to one another and commit to welcoming the stranger into our midst. As we engage these conversations, we are excited to welcome Laura Steed-Lorino, the Executive Director of L’Arche North Carolina: an inclusive community in formation where adults with and without intellectual disabilities share life and friendships.

Participants may attend this lecture series in-person or view it live online. Masking is required for all indoors at St. Paul’s, and all gatherings will take place in accordance with existing local and diocesan pandemic guidelines. Please refer to the Looking Ahead page on our website for more information.

If you would like to view this lecture series online, please register ahead of time here.

Date Topic Presenter
10/10/21 Episcopal 101: What Is the Episcopal Church? The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
10/17/21 L’Arche: A Community of Belonging for People with and Without Disabilities Laura Steed-Lorino, Executive Director, L’Arche NC
10/24/21 Episcopal 102: What does it mean to belong to the Episcopal Church? The Rev. George Adamik
10/31/21 Episcopal 103: The Practice of Belonging in Scripture The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
11/7/21 Episcopal 104: The Diocese of North Carolina (Bishop’s Forum) The Rt. Rev. Sam Rodman

🗓 Living into Easter Hope (Spring 2021)

On Sundays during the Easter Season (10:15–11:15 a.m.), join us for conversations about hope: by reaching into our rich tradition of worship and Scripture, we will explore the ways that we witness to Easter Resurrection in daily life. We will also welcome Carey Phelps of Family Promise for a conversation about what new hope looks like for those who struggle to find safe housing in Wake County.

Date Topic Presenter
4/18/21 From Scarcity to Abundance: The Book of Ruth The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
4/25/21 The Words We Say, the Roles we Play: Eucharistic Prayers The Rev. George Adamik
5/2/21 Family Promise: Helping Families Find Safe, Affordable, Permanent Housing Carey Phelps, Development & Volunteer Manager, Family Promise
5/9/21 The Words We Say, the Roles we Play: Prayers of the People The Rev. George Adamik
5/16/21 The Words We Say, the Roles we Play: Clergy and Laity The Rev. George Adamik

🗓 Building Bridges, Living Into Our Baptismal Promises (Lent 2021)

On Sundays in Lent (10:15–11:15 a.m.), join us for a forum series on the relationship between our worship life and what we do beyond church walls. You will only need to register once in order to attend any or all the sessions.

Date Topic Presenter
2/21/21 What Is the Baptismal Covenant? The Rev. George Adamik
2/28/21 Liturgy and the Moral Life The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
3/7/21 Dorcas Ministries: Responding to a World in Need The Rev. Dr. Rose Cornelius, Development Director, Dorcas Ministries
3/14/21 The Legacy of the Black Church in the Diocese of North Carolina The Rev. Kathy Walker, Missioner for Black Ministries, Episcopal Diocese of NC
3/21/21 The Liturgical Year in the Jewish Tradition Rabbi Ariel Edery, Beth Shalom, Wake County

🗓 Preparing the Way: Meeting Jesus Anew (Winter 2021)

On Sunday mornings in the season after Epiphany (10:15 – 11:15 a.m.), join St. Paul’s clergy for a forum series on the identity of the one in whom we place our faith: who is Jesus, the one called Christ? What does it mean to follow in his steps? You will only need to register once in order to attend any or all of the three sessions.

Date Topic Presenter
1/10/21 The History of Christ (Part 1) The Rev. George Adamik
1/17/21 The History of Christ (Part 2) The Rev. George Adamik
1/24/21 Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark: An Introduction The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
2/7/21 Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark (Part 2) The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
2/14/21 Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of Mark (Part 3) The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista

Advent Series: Contemplation, Hope, and Joyful Expectation (Advent 2020)

Date Topic Presenter
12/6/20 Making Room: the Contemplative Life in Advent The Rev. George Adamik
12/13/20 Awakening Hope: Spiritual Disciplines in Times of Uncertainty The Rev. Javier Almendárez-Bautista
12/20/20 Tidings of Comfort and Joy: Living a Life of Joyful Expectation The Rev. J. Carr Holland

Between the Times: Being God’s People in a Fragile World (Fall 2020)

Recordings of the following classes from our Fall 2020 series are available on YouTube.

Date Topic Presenter
9/13/20 Anxiety in the Midst of the Pandemic (video) Phillip M Bass, MDiv, ThM, MA, LCMHC, NCC
9/20/20 Seek the City’s Welfare: Jeremiah (video) The Rev. Javier Almendarez-Bautista
9/27/20 Resilience – Childhood Trauma/Prevention/Hope (video) St. Paul’s Resilience Ministry
10/4/20 Seek the City’s Welfare: Jeremiah (Part II) (video) The Rev. Javier Almendarez-Bautista
10/11/20 Sing Us the Songs of Zion: The Psalms in Exile (video) The Rev. George Adamik
10/18/20 Sing Us the Songs of Zion: The Psalms in Exile (Part II) (video) The Rev. George Adamik
10/25/20 Faithful Citizenship: Where Do We Go From Here (video) The Rev. Javier Almendarez-Bautista & Aleta McClenney
11/1/20 Conversation with Our Bishop Suffragan The Rt. Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple
11/8/20 St. Paul’s Parish Meeting Register for this special event here
11/15/20 Moving Forward: The Liturgical Year in a Fragile World The Rev. George Adamik
THANKSGIVING BREAK New forum series begins on December 6


Adult Formation Ministries

Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46)

The psalmist describes both the method and the goal of Centering Prayer: a silent consent to the presence of God in our hearts, in our lives. A combined St. Paul’s/Cary Presbyterian Centering Prayer group meets in the Parlor on the main floor of Cary Presbyterian Church at 9:00 AM on Fridays. Cary Presbyterian Church is just around the corner – or through the woods – from St Paul’s. Centering Prayer practitioners sit in silence for 20 minutes with the intention to open their hearts and minds to God, to rest in God, to deepen their relationship with God. After the Centering time, the group participates in Lectio Divina, book study or discussions of videos for 30-45 minutes.  Come and join us! Contact: Martha Waters, Martha.wtrs@gmail.com

Cursillo Cursillo is a three-day weekend of Christian refreshment and renewal, sometimes called a short course in Christian living or “Christian Boot Camp.” Bishop Curry said, “Through the Cursillo experience and community countless men and women have come to know our Lord more deeply and profoundly. Through the ministry of the Cursillo community lives have been transformed and disciples of Jesus both formed and renewed. This is a sacred and holy ministry for which I truly give God thanks and praise.” The North Carolina Cursillo website is www.nccursillo.org. Contact: The Rev. Candy Snively, Candy.Snively@att.net
Education for Ministry
Education for Ministry Education for Ministry (EFM) is a four-year course of Bible study that offers readings, discussions, worship, and development in theological reflection. The seminar group consists of 6-10 students and one or more trained mentors. There is a fee for the seminar and materials. St Paul’s does not currently have an EFM group. Contact: Martha Waters, martha.wtrs@gmail.com or Georgie Gracie, ggracie11@gmail.com.
Julian Gathering
Julian Gathering julian-of-norwich73x120This small group gathers on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month (9:15 AM in the “Cry Room”, main church building) for contemplative prayer and the study of Julian of Norwich. Julian’s book, The Revelations of Divine Love is often acknowledged as one of the world’s great spiritual classics. Extra copies of the book are available at each meeting. Newcomers are welcome to join the group at any time. Who was Julian of Norwich? She was a 14th century mystic and author of The Revelations of Divine Love, considered one of the great spiritual classics. What does a 14th century mystic have to say to 21st century Christians? Her message of God’s enduring, ever-present love continues to offer a timeless message of hope and comfort. Julian’s insights serve as a catalyst for discussions on prayer, faith, gratitude, and other spiritual topics. Contact: Lanny Wase, lannywase@mac.com, 919-466-9050.
People of all Colors and Cultures Together
People of All Colors and Cultures Together People of All Colors and Cultures Together (PACCT), meets on first Tuesdays at 7:00 PM in the Conference Room. We will continue our discussion on race relations, and diversity in our community and America. Please join us! Contact: Andrea Johnson at 919-348-9599
Women's Study Group
Women’s Study Group The Women’s Study Group is open to women who are interested in reading and discussing literature. We alternate reading fiction and non-fiction each month. Many, but not all, of our selections have spiritual/religious themes. The group meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00 noon to 1:30 in the Bride’s Room. Child care is provided upon request. Contact:  Joyce Loughlin, loughlin1@mindspring.com