Women’s Beach Week is an annual event, in the spring of each year for fun and relaxation in Emerald Isle, NC.  This event is open to St. Paul’s women aged 18 years or older. Come for a few nights, or stay all week! This is a great way to meet new people, catch up with friends, relax and have fun.

Women’s Beach Week is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of St. Paul’s past and present, as well as care for its future. Sometime in the late 1970s, Cathy Coolidge, wife of then Rector Bill Coolidge, realized that women rarely had a chance to socialize without life’s daily distractions.  She started Women’s Beach Weekend to provide a break from everyday responsibilities, hoping women challenged by parenting, working, and running households would return home energized. They did! From its inception until pre-pandemic days, deep and lasting friendships have been forged by love and laughter during this special time away. It is a tradition designed for all women at St Paul’s to enjoy.

Typically, we reserve beautiful, oceanfront properties at Emerald Isle, NC on a Sunday-Sunday schedule; your stay can be any length of time that works for you. Walk on the beach, enjoy kayaking or sightseeing in nearby Beaufort – anything that sounds like fun. We share rooms in an effort to have space for everyone who wants to take part.

If you are interested but want to know more, check out our Fun Facts or email wbw@stpaulscary.org.

Cost:  Varies by year depending on participants, but typically in the range of $50-$75/night

Dates: 17th week of every year

Fun Facts:

What is WBW?

  1. Anything you want it to be!!
  2. A time away from your responsibilities, even if for just a couple of days.
  3. An oceanfront shared house with room assignments (we have designated “party” and “quiet” sides); roommate requests are accommodated as possible, as well as any specific needs.
  4. A multigenerational gathering of St Paul’s women over the age of 18 (you can include other family members like your mom, sister, daughter, etc.)
  5. A time to be social and/or spend quality time alone.
  6. A time to kayak, walk the beach, lay in the sun, take a nap, play games, do puzzles, read, shop, go out to eat, share a beer or cocktail and so many laughs — or do nothing at all.
  7. Sometimes pure free entertainment.
  8. An opportunity to hang out with and/or meet a bunch of wonderful women doing “nothing in the grandest style”.
  9. An opportunity to have quality time with like and diverse women.
  10. Coordinated transportation to reduce the number of cars. New friendships are often made before even reaching the beach house!  If you’d rather drive on your own, that’s ok, too.
  11. Has “no fuss” shared meals (who wants to cook at the beach?) Bring a few assigned food items and help with a quick meal (or more if you are there for several days) and then relax the rest of the time!   There are also opportunities to go out to eat
  12. Has an informal church service in one of the sides of the house Sunday morning. Shorts/t-shirts are common attire.  Enjoy the beautiful singing!
  13. An opportunity to create strong and lasting friendships. It is one of the best ways, if not THE best way, to get to know women at St. Paul’s.
What WBW is not?

  1. An organized religious retreat.
  2. A bible study event.
  3. Intimidating — everyone is very welcoming (remember they are on vacation too)!
  4. A schedule driven event except for mealtimes if you participate in them.
  5. A required stay for or any set amount of time.  Stay as long as you’d like….one night or anywhere up to the whole week!


WBW News:

Women’s Beach Week 2023: Update

We have reached capacity for the WEEKEND of May 5-7, 2023, but there are a few spots available earlier in the week. Contact Yvon Daniel at ydaniel60@gmail.com if you would like to get away to Emerald Isle April 30-May 4.  Reminder to those going that payment is now due, $75/night; please send payment to the […]

Women’s Beach Week (WBW) 2023

St. Paul’s Women’s Beach Week is a vacation in Emerald Isle, NC in the spring of each year, open to St. Paul’s women 18 years or older. Come for a few nights, or stay all week! …

Women’s Beach Week Canceled for 2020

Because of the Coronavirus crisis, St. Paul’s Women’s Beach Week has been canceled for 2020.  For more information, call or text Yvon Daniel, 919-747-1199, or yvdaniel60@gmail.com.