St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
221 Union St., Cary, NC
Questions? Ted@LobsterFestCary.org
Saturday, October 1, 2016

Greetings from all of us at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and welcome to this website filled with information about our renowned Lobster Fest. I hope you enjoy the fresh Maine lobster with the knowledge that the funds raised will support many of the programs of St. Paul’s. We are a vibrant, inclusive and growing parish where “All Are Welcome.” If you would like more information about St. Paul’s please do not hesitate to contact me at: George.Adamik@stpaulscary.org.

     The Rev. George Adamik, Rector

Join us for Lobster Fest , October 1, 2016.

All Are Welcome at St. Paul’s Lobster Fest, at the St. Paul’s Lobster Shack and Wharf

Lobster Fest has become an annual event, held each October since 2007, and looked forward to by Triangle folks who love fresh lobsters, lobster rolls, or just a good time!

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Here’s where the $ goes: Proceeds to Outreach, St. Paul’s Youth, and St. Paul’s Projects.

Lobster Fest has its own Facebook page:
www.facebook.com/lobsterfestcary. Like us!

Questions or help go to: ted@lobsterfestcary.org

Here’s how you can help:
Lobster Fest Volunteer Page
Pictures of previous Lobster Fests.