St. Paul’s Memorial Garden & Columbarium

columbarium-612-portraitThe Memorial Garden is a place for the interment of ashes in simple dignity and in surroundings that proclaim our resurrection faith. The Memorial Garden is in an area adjacent to the southeast corner of the rear of the Chapel. An expansion of St. Paul’s Memorial Garden was completed on Oct 12, 2014, to include a columbarium, remembrance walls, and new slanted markers.

To reserve a niche in the Columbarium, to have a name engraved on a Remembrance Wall, or for questions about fees, contact the church office,, or Jackie Straub,

Columbarium Niche Expansion Plan for 2023

The columbarium of St. Paul’s Memorial Garden is in need of expansion. We have determined that it is necessary to increase the number of niches in our columbarium to accommodate future needs. Your help is needed. The approximate cost of the niche expansion is $30,000 for which we have already received $15,000 in donations.

Please click here for George’s letter and consider making a donation by May 15, 2023.

The structure of the columbarium is already in place, and no further construction is needed. Two sets of niches, totaling 90 new niches, will be installed in the available spaces on the left and right. See photo of the columbarium below. Thank you so much!


Click HERE for a Memorial Garden brochure.

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About the Memorial Garden:

Penny Herrman with dad, John, on her first visit to Grandpop Roger’s niche.

Three generations of Herrmans visiting Grandpop, Roger, in the Memorial Garden.

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