Ministry Leader Resource Committee

One of the primary goals of the Ministry Leader Resource Committee (MLRC) is to ensure that anyone (visitor, newcomer, or current parishioner) who would like to get involved in the ministries at St. Paul’s, does indeed get involved. We truly believe that all people have wonderful talents and gifts from God, and we want to provide opportunities for them to share those gifts in the life of our parish.

Some of the specific activities we sponsor include three ministry fairs each year, the annual Stewardship of Time and Talent campaign, weekly Ministry Highlights at Coffee Hour, and ministry leader training. We hope to make the work of our many, diverse ministries more visible and to offer numerous opportunities for people to get involved for service and fellowship.

If you would like to learn more about the Ministry Leader Resource Committee, please contact the MLRC Chairperson listed in the Ministry List. Click here for the Ministry Leader Information page.