Stewardship Update

VISION 2020 for the operating budget is well underway!  As we work, walk, seek, welcome, and care together for a better world, we begin that journey in our little corner at St. Paul’s.  If you have already pledged for next year, we thank you.  If you have not, we encourage you to make the effort and make a pledge today. Continue reading for more on Vision 2020 and to pledge.

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Vestry, Class of 2022 Elected

At the annual meeting held November 3, 2019, vestry members for the class of 2020-2022 were elected.   The vestry-elect are: Vicki Bradley, Kay Burgess, Francine Pearce, and Allan Thunes.  Congratulations to our new vestry members!

Beware of Email Scam!

Recently St. Paul’s parishioners have received emails pretending to be from one of the clergy. Our clergy will not ask you for help, gift cards, or any such items in an email. Do not respond to these emails.

Vestry Candidates for 2020

Candidates for Vestry, class of 2020-2022 are: Vicki Bradley, Kay Burgess, Robert Lyerly, Francine Pearce, Allan Thunes, and Guy Vitaglione. Click HERE for biographies of the candidates.  Plan to come to the annual parish meeting on Sunday, November 3, 2019 after the 9:00 service and VOTE!