Beware of Email Scam

Recently, parishioners across the diocese, including here at St. Paul’s, have received emails pretending to be from their local clergy.  Our clergy will not ask you for gift cards or any such items in an email.   Do not respond to these emails.  Please be aware that this is a recurring email scam.  Click HERE for more from the diocese.

Capital Campaign Update Video

Click HERE for a video showing an update to St. Paul’s Capital Campaign.  The video shows both the plan for the use of the funds pledged so far, and possibilities for what we could do with more funding.  This includes repairs, renovations, and exciting possibilities for new construction.  Click HERE to pledge to the Capital Campaign.

Thanks from Mother Melanie

Many thanks to all for helping me celebrate my ordination anniversary last Sunday.  Your warm wishes and thoughts served to reinforce my vows and why I became a priest in the first place.  You’re a wonderful faith community, and I feel privileged to be serving with you for a time. (Mother) Melanie