Update April 1, 2020: Holy Week Services

Dear Friends, I hope that you are all finding your way through this new territory of physical isolation. While we learn the dance of physical distancing for the sake of the common good, I also invite you to discover some new steps in the dance of spiritual connectedness and growth. Continue reading for a Letter from the Rector.Continue reading

Unabashed Gratitude

A new meditation from the Hope for the Journey series: "If you’re like me—which is to say, if you are just the slightest bit neurotic—then you’re familiar with the ominous feeling I’ve had over the past couple weeks..."Continue reading

Hope for the Journey: Meditations from George and Javier

Introducing Hope for the Journey, a series of meditations by Fr. George and Fr. Javier: "these will be meandering reflections about anything whatsoever—an opportunity for you to see what we’re thinking, reading, and watching these days. Think of it as the stories that we’d share with you if we happened to sit down and chat over coffee. Or think of them as the things that we wish would turn into a sermon, but never quite make it off the cutting room floor."Continue reading

Update March 26, 2020: Stewardship During the Pandemic

Dear Friends, I am in touch with you this week to let you know you will find on our St. Paul’s website a new section called St. Paul’s Connects. Please go there (StPaulsConnects) and see the numerous ways we are looking to stay connected during this coronavirus crisis. I’ve asked our wardens, Mary Kintz and Frank Laney, to write this week about stewardship.  While I miss seeing you all face to face, know that you continue to be held in my daily thoughts and prayers.  George
Click HERE for the complete letter from George, Mary, and Frank.