Website is Now Secure

Notice anything different about our website (   Look up top, where the web address is.  It shows a little padlock, and instead of HTTP, it now shows HTTPS.  Our website is now secure, meaning that information is encrypted in its journey between your web browser and the web server.  Continue reading for more.Continue reading

Interested in Communication?

Are you interested in the exciting new world of communication?  Website? Social Media?  Internet?  Email?  Publishing?  St. Paul’s strives to open channels of communication with parish members and prospective members as well as members of the community.  The Communications Committee (a.k.a. Com Com) needs new talent and energy.  Interested?  Contact Gordon Werner at .

Interested in Website Work?

Interested in helping to keep our website ( up to date?  Could you serve as a resource for web development?  The web team could use your help.  It helps to know WordPress, but if not, we can show you what you need to know.  Contact Gordon Werner at .