Saint Paul’s Resilience Ministry

Supporting Families and Individuals at Saint Paul’s and Beyond

Based in a Christian faith community, the Resilience Ministry seeks to –

1. Increase awareness of both the long term impacts of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the ability of positive childhood experiences (PCEs) to diminish the effects of ACEs.

2. Provide resources to empower individuals, families and communities to understand, prevent and respond to the effects of childhood trauma.

3. Instill a sense of hopefulness that each of us can make a difference by promoting positive childhood experiences.

Providing Hope:  Strengthening and Connecting Families, Congregations and Communities.

Prevent Child Abuse NC partnered with the NCSU Institute for Emerging Issues and Partners in Health and Wholeness this past October to present this week-long program.  Each day’s program included an hour-long interactive seminar on topics related to protective factors and was followed by an email newsletter including many useful resources.   This information is available here to all interested parishioners.  We will focus on the first three days: 

Day 1:  Parental Resilience – Mental Well-Being. 

    • Parental Resilience looks a lot different during the COVID-19 pandemic.  How can we support parents, care givers, and families during these challenging times?
    • We always say “kids are resilient”. In what ways do you think that’s true? How can we actually teach and practice resiliency with kids to make that true?
    • It takes a lot of courage to be a parent right now. In which ways are you as a parent or parents around you navigating? In what ways is this just really hard?     

Click HERE for the newsletter for Day #1 and great resources

Day 2:  Social Emotional Competence of ChildrenHelping children identify and express their emotions gives them tools to get through tough times.   Children’s books are often great resources for helping children learn these skills.  A list of specific books is included.

Click HERE for the newsletter for Day #2 and great resources

Day 3:  Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development. 

    • Did you know that children thrive when parents nurture and promote independence? Being a parent is part natural and part learned. 
    • If you’re a parent, how do you view your own parenting journey compared to how you were raised?
    • Developmental milestones are many and sometimes subjective. What are your “developmental milestones” for your child or as a parent during the pandemic? How do you manage your expectations around what your child “should” be doing?

Click HERE for the newsletter for Day #3 and more great resources 


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