How requests that sent to are handled.

The requests are handled on rotating basis by the St. Paul’s web editors. The rotation order is:

Delahaye, Olivia
Fransen, Tom
Swann, Kevin

When a request comes in who’s ever turn that is next, handles the requested post, and lets other editors now the request is being handle. If an editor is on vacation or is not able to work on postings, they let the rest of editor know so we can be sure everything is covered.

Postings Checklist

  • Title – 1st Letter is Capitalize, rest lowercase
  • Only use “Stick this post to the front page” for posts that are an event have a deadline sometime out in the future maybe 2 more weeks.
    • If you use stick be sure to set a reminder for yourself to remove it after it is no longer needed. 
    • Another approach if you need an older posting to be at the top of list, just change the publish date to today.
  • Author – who posted, not requested
  • Select Category(s)
  • Use a Feature Image
  • Excerpt – 2 to 3 sentences maximum, do not leave blank.
  • Check to be sure posting include:
    • A date
    • Links that work
    • Check spellings
  • If you embed a link to another page be sure to the check: “Open link in a new tab”.
  • Do NOT check Allow comments – Facebook is for comments.
  • For more help see Tad’s Video –
  • If you want to test or try something new you can try it first add –

Summary of the websites useage –


Post - Homily

Step-by-Step for Homily Posts

  • Go to Sermons > Add New
  • Choose Audio > Upload the Homily
    • Typically rename the file as [Name]_homily_[Date].mp3. For example, George_homily_08.29.2021.mp3
  • Custom Sidebar should be set to “Homilies sidebar.”
  • In Sermon settings on right-hand side, select the following:
    • Series = Homilies
    • Speakers = Name of the speaker
    • Featured Image = Profile picture of the speaker
    • Excerpt = This is the description that will show up on the preview and on the podcast episode.
  • Nothing else needs to be checked. The podcast checkbox does not need to be selected.

Other notes

  • Typically, nothing is added to the main content except the post/homily title.
    • Tom has been sending out on Saturday a reminder to the homilist to provide a title and excerpt. If the homilist does not provide a title for their homilies, you can do that.
  • If the homily is posted during the week, set the “Publish” date to the Sunday on which the homily was delivered.
  • The podcast will automatically update. No additional action is needed to publish the podcast episode.
  • If the homily is not showing up on the main page, it’s probably because the “Series > Homilies” checkbox hasn’t been selected.
  • There is trigger set up in IFTTT that emails to pleasepost@… when the homily is added to the Dropbox account.
Rector's Weekly Video
  1. Get the URL for the video from Fill Bowen or from the St. Paul’s Facebook link at the bottom of the home page. (A typical URL might be from Fill or a shorter version from Facebook. Both should work.)
  2. In WordPress, visit the St. Paul’s home page and find the post on Fr. George’s Weekly Video. (
  3. Edit the post. Update the post with the new link and new date and update the post date. Stick it to the top of the blog and update.
Hope for the Journey

Step-by-Step for Hope for the Journey Posts

  1. Use title provided by person sending post, not “Hope for the Journey”
  2. Copy and paste post
  3. Click “Stick to the top of the blog”
  4. Mark “Church Business” and “Hope for the Journey” categories
    1. “Church Business” ensures it goes up on St. Paul’s Connects page
  5. Tag “From the Clergy” and “Hope for the Journey”
  1. Begin excerpt with “In this week’s <b>Hope for the Journey</b>, Father/Mother XXXXX reflects on…”
    1. Point out the topic or add a line that stood out or use the first sentence or two.
  2. Sign off “—Father George”, “—Father Javier”, or “—Mother Alice” and increase font size on this block to “Medium”
    1. We decided to use titles for the benefit of the occasional visitor
    2. George and Javier have signature blocks available in Media Library (Javier_sig; GeorgeSig) that we sometimes use to personalize the posts a bit (see below)
Inline Image
  • Place curser in text at the location to insert inline graphic.
  • From the block editor select inline image.
  • Select or upload the image to insert.
  • After the image is inserted you can click on the image to resize the width.
Page vs. Post
  • Pages – Ministry Pages
    • The ministry pages are for the basic information about what the ministry does and contact information. 
    • We do not expect to have to change the ministry pages very often.
    • Ministry leaders should review their pages periodically.
  • Posts – News Items
    • Perishable time limited information, such as awarding of grants, is temporary and we use posts for that kind of news