St. Paul’s Church Policies and Application Forms

Listed below are the individual policies and any related documentation.

For detailed instructions, read the Ministry Leader Information page.

Endowment Grant Request Form (Rev 10/18/2020)

Food Safety Policy (Rev 08-25-2019)

Alcohol Use Procedure and Forms (Rev 6-17-2017)

Cash/Check Collection Procedures for Monies Collected by Ministries

Check Request Form (Rev 5-22-2019)

Communications Guidelines (3/7/2011)

Digital Media Guidelines (8/8/2014)

Facilities Guidelines-1.0 (5/16/2011)

Facilities Use Policy at St. Pauls-1.0 (5/16/2011)

Fundraising Policy (Rev Aug 2015) PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!
Fundraising Event Information and Approval Form A (Rev Aug 2015)
Fundraising Proceeds Form B
Fundraising Final Accounting Form C

Key Policy and Application Form (Rev Aug 2013-1)

Narthex Guidelines (8/8/2015)

Privacy Policy for Website (8/8/2013)

Selling Tickets or Items during Coffee Hour, Guidelines (11/18/2016)

For questions about any of these policies, please contact the church office at 919-467-1477 or