Stewardship is, basically, “taking care of what we’ve been given.” Stewardship involves the offering of our own time, talent, and treasure back into the community. The giving of time and talent is referenced in this website under various other ministries. The Stewardship section of this website mainly covers the giving and managing of our money, a subject so often referenced in Jesus’ teachings.

The following committees are part of our stewardship mission:

Annual Stewardship Campaign Committee: The Stewardship Committee encourages the parishioner to recognize himself or herself as a steward of the gifts of time, talent, and treasure that God has provided in the form of blessings and to freely and selflessly give of those gifts to the mission of St. Paul’s.

Endowment Board: Manages the St. Paul’s Endowment Fund and disbursement of the Endowment’s investment income. The Board also facilitates educational opportunities for planned giving and serves as a contact point for parishioners interested in planned giving.

Finance Committee: Monitors and reports on the financial health of the parish during the year, makes recommendations to the Vestry on financial items that could improve its financial health, and prepares the annual budget and year-end statement for the Vestry’s approval.

Giving Board: This group works to support and coordinate fundraising efforts by maintaining a calendar of church fundraising activities, promoting awareness of parish fundraising policies, reviewing and approving applications for fundraising events, and by serving as an idea sounding board for parish groups seeking to raise funds and collect non-monetary donations.