October 11, 2018

Dear Friends in Faith,

The people of St. Paul’s have been doing a lot of celebrating and reflecting as we mark 60 years as a parish in Cary. For sixty years, we have pooled our resources, financial and spiritual, because we trust we can achieve something meaningful by working together in worship and mission.

You have already been asked to help with our Welcoming in Christ capital campaign, which is an investment in the buildings and materials that will carry our mission forward for years to come.  What we want to make clear is that we still need your pledge to our annual operating budget. We have a lot of energy behind our good works, but it is going to take an increase in pledges to keep our vital ministries running as basic expenses become more costly.  Anonymous donations are a wonderful gift, but pledges help us secure our programs and fund our ministries.

Your money matters – it matters to you as the giver, and to the church which uses it as a resource for our mission. We appreciate that you have to take money from other areas of your life to support St. Paul’s.  Our faith community is committed to using your gifts to support the church and ministries that ease the burdens of others, whether we clothe migrant workers in eastern NC, repair homes in Appalachia or provide comfort to parishioners experiencing crises.

The gifts we bring to St. Paul’s have been making good things happen for 60 years. We invite you to find a comfortable starting place for yourself in pledging your financial support.  Challenge yourself to give in a committed way. We promise you won’t regret it.

Please return your pledge form by November 11, 2018.  You may download a PDF copy of the pledge form or you may submit the form online by clicking HERE.

In peace,

The St. Paul’s Stewardship Committee
Jeff Kager, Mary Kintz, LaQuinta Jernigan, Ron Barbee